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Infrared Sauna Cabin

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Start off your day with Sauna for rejuvenescent and energetic life

  • End of adult illnesses!
    INS SAUNA eradicates the very root of adult illnesses and "modern diseases" by inducing a sweat from the very core of human body and expelling accumulated heavy metals such as lead, cadmium, and nickel along cholesterol, salt, and lactic acids.
  • Moratorium on mental stress!
    A person can receive a stress from tense reflective nerves. INS SAUNA releases this stress by enhancing the capillary blood vessels and facilitating the blood circulation. In addition, INS SAUNA alleviates pain such as rheumatism and cures
  • Healthy body weight forever!
    INS SAUNA can help reduce overweight by expediting the calorie consumption and releasing excessive water, sodium, and epidermal liquid from the body.
  • Jogging 6miles while sitting!
    The amount of sweat a normal person produces while enjoying the INS SAUNA for 20 to 30 minutes is equivalent to that you produces while jogging 6 miles.
    By maximizing the work-out in a short period of time, INS SAUNA can ease a lack of exercise that today's people often experience.
  • Energetic, elastic skin!
    INS SAUNA helps you to regain soft and healthy skin. You might ask how? INS SAUNA stimulates the epidermal tissues and releases their biological wastes. At the same time INS SAUNA reduces the amount of excessive epidermal liquids. In fact, INS SAUNA revitalize your skin by gearing up your metabolism.


Size(L x W x H cm)
Knock Down
100 x 100 x 185
120~240v / 1,740w
Knock Down
100 x 100 x 185
120~240v / 1,740w
Knock Down
120 x 100 x 185
120~240v / 1,840w
Knock Down
140 x 100 x 185
120~240v / 2,040w
Knock Down
180 x 120 x 185
120~240v / 3,040w