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Infrared Sauna Cabin

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Start off your day
with Sauna for rejuvenated
and energetic life

Wouldn't it be great to enjoy sauna right after you roll out of bed?
You would feel energized and even your make up would be applied naturally and smoothly After morning-housework, hop into sauna, your afternoon would be filled with fun and much more enjoyable or, after work, take off your stress from office in sauna.
You can enjoy all the benefits of sauna conveniently at home.

INS Sauna is a low temp. sauna of its temperature ranges from 40 to 60°C(104~140°F), so it doesn't put too much pressure over your body and its heat can penetrate deeply into your skin. Therefore, you can enjoy sauna more effectively.

INS Sauna is all you need to vitalize the days of everyone in your family.